Shopfitting and storytelling

Shopfitting and storytelling: The importance of in-store experience

The world of retail is an ever evolving one. In its pivotal role, retail design and shopfitting has become more like storytelling. From floor to ceiling, window to wall, the interior of a store reads like a narrative, relating the story of a brand to all those who cross the threshold.

Shoppers have the tendency to be fickle, absent-minded even, and so retailers need to go to greater lengths to recapture the crowds. Innovative, quality shopfitting and design is a sure way to do this. It has a knock-on effect; shopfitting standards are essential to the success of retail design, in turn, retail design has a substantive impact on a business and its profits. The tangible, positive results are proven.

According to Retail Design Statistics, 51% of shoppers expect more from a store’s look and design than five years ago. We know how swiftly books are judged by their covers – so it is with stores. As potential customers march past a multitude of retailers, the shop front is what is going to grab their attention and reign them in. The tale that waits to be told beyond the shop front has to be equally as compelling.

A store’s design serves to reflect the brand; it is the ultimate showcase. Not only this, but it becomes a touch-point between brand and customer. Brand positioning, or re-positioning, can be successfully achieved within four walls, and so an affinity between brand narrative and store experience is essential.

Exceptional retail design and shopfitting serves to fashion customer understanding and enjoyment of a product or brand. It allows a retailer to stand apart from their competitors. In-store experience has the potential to turn customers into brand advocates. A quality retail environment proves that brand value isn’t measured by just price. There is a direct relationship between quality of shop-fit and design, and that of the retailer’s product. Yes, the purpose of any retail space is to stock and to sell, but customers want more and brands want to offer more.

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