Laser Cut Steel

Our laser cut steel department offers precision steel cutting with rapid turnaround times. Our cutting-edge technology and expertise allows us to offer laser cutting as part of a turnkey shopfitting solution or as a stand-alone service.

Over the years, the nature of shopfitting has evolved from being predominantly wood based to incorporating glass, upholstery, and metal in its various forms, finishes, and textures.

As the demand for laser cut steel in shopfitting continues to increase, Jacobs has taken the initiative to move the function of laser cutting steel in-house. This allows us to extend our values of exceptional customer service, outstanding quality, and meeting deadlines to the laser cut steel department.

As the market demand for good quality laser cut steel at competitive prices increases, we’ve opened this service up to the general market. Our laser cutting division now services orders for laser cut steel as a stand-alone service, as well as when it is incorporated into the turnkey service offered to our shopfitting clients.
As with all that we do, we have taken the experience from our more than 20  years in the industry and used it to ensure that we produce purpose-made items of exceptional quality at a competitive price, not only meeting but exceeding expectations to earn us a reputation as an industry leader.

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