Why Choose Jacobs Joinery and Shopfitters?

“Give us the tools & we will finish the job”

Winston Churchill

With over 25 years industry experience, Jacobs Joinery and Shopfitters has established a highly successful track record with both national and international clients, across a number of industries and economic sectors; from retail projects to the corporate office environment. Our ability to consistently deliver world-class service is supported by a carefully constructed system which strives for predictability in an industry which traditionally is deadline driven.

When placing your order with us you will engage with a single team member, who will ensure your project is efficiently and professionally managed from its inception and drawing phase, right through to fitting and completion. Key milestones are met punctually and we work transparently, ensuring you are kept up-to-date on each phase throughout the project.

Walk onto any Jacobs Joinery and Shopfitters site and there is no mistaking who your shopfitters are. Apart from the team’s crisp blue overalls to let you know we are on-site, all items are wrapped in protective wrapping and taped with the distinctive white and blue Jacobs branded tape… just another example of what sets us apart.


Originating from humble beginnings, Jacobs Joinery and Shopfitters has grown from a small family-run business, to become a key South African supplier of joinery and shopfitting products, across various sectors of industry. Our consistently high standards and quality of workmanship have led us to an impressive national and international client base, who consistently demand bespoke, modern solutions, across a broad range of market segments.


Products are manufactured in our 4000 square metre Pietermaritzburg facility. Production equipment includes; CNC machines, powder-coating abilities, a CNC laser cutting machine and a full range of specialised shopfitting and joinery equipment. Smaller workshop facilities are located in Johannesburg, which serve as a base for installations. We are proud to be able to provide our clients with a full turnkey solution, without losing that distinctive personal touch.


Jacobs Shopfitters has a substantial capacity to produce quality products on time. The nature of the work we do invariably demands deadlines and tight time frames. Our production facilities and installation teams are all geared to this reality. Operations stretch nationally and internationally. Jacobs is geared to deliver anywhere – especially for clients with ambitious roll out needs.


Installations are carried out by well-equipped teams. Skills are maintained at a high level, as this is critical in delivering quality products. Jacobs’ fleet of vehicles is geared to move installation teams and product quickly. International destinations are serviced by rail and sea. We manage our logistics using current scheduling and monitoring tools, including satellite tracking installed in our vehicles. Products are also packed and colour coded for efficient delivery and placement onsite.


Jacobs Joinery and Shopfitters knows that a demographically representative economic market is of paramount importance to the durability and stability of business in South Africa. We value and support the process of workplace transformation, and continue to strive towards an improved rating, through our efforts to encourage employment equity, skills development, preferential procurement and socio-economic development. Our Jacobs Industries is registered as a level 2 B-BBEE Company.