Jacobs Shoptonic is a maintenance service that we offer to our clients to ensure that their businesses are both beautiful and fully functional spaces. We have an exceptional team of well-trained and efficient personnel who are ready to undertake any repair and maintenance work with top-tier skills and the utmost professionalism.

Maintenance contracts are tailor-made to suit the particular needs of the client and can include a number of different services.

For a set monthly fee, which is calculated based on the size of the store, we will visit the store initially to confirm the clients requirements and quote to bring the store up to a level that we will then maintain. We will report on the conditions to assist you in making prudent maintenance decisions. Our teams can then be scheduled to do maintenance checks at your retail store either once a month or once every second month, based on each client’s requirements.

We determine what needs to be repaired, maintained and/or replaced. Our team will then carry out the necessary tasks immediately.

General Maintenance

Full HVAC maintenance, including cleaning air-conditioner diffusers, cleaning filters, air flow and temperature testing, air-conditioning refilling and more

Checking all joinery and Shopfitting units and fixing them, if needed, immediately

Painting touch ups

Flooring / tiling repairs

Washing of windows and shopfronts

Pest control – cockroaches and fishmoths etc.

Safety Maintenance

Checking fire extinguisher and hose reels for pressure and expiry dates, refills and annual services

Testing emergency lights

Checking shopfront doors and locks

Checking security alarms and camera installation

Electrical Maintenance

Checking distribution boards and circuits

Checking and replacing plugs, switches, light fittings and globes

Call us today for all your maintenance needs, with the one stop shop contractor who can do it all. For your convenience and peace of mind.

For more information, please contact Janine Buckley on maintain@jjsjhb.co.za or 072 2419 229.